Car Thief

by Sunday Creature

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Monday Mornings to Sunday Evenings and things in between.


released October 2, 2012

David Bailey - Vox, Guitar, Drum Samples, Bass
Matt Bastar - Guitar, Keys, Sounds, Bass



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Sunday Creature Miami, Florida

Like a Tin Can
with an

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Track Name: Act 1 Circle Amnesia
They left me out in the open covered in gold and numb the air felt just right but i was afraid held together by threads and water they came back to find me reaching into my chest they pulled my hands away from my lungs
Come in and you'll find me waiting for the right time to speak my head is spinning and theres pieces of them everywhere no one will see me coming im like a tin can with an echo theyll forget all about me as they lower me into the ground Im on my way If you could just stay for a minute Ill show you what ive found
Track Name: Act 2 The Inevitable Thought of a Mid Life Process
Welcome to our home I've been roaming for sometime now Im sorry for the mess my children have created they're all gone now they're beneath now they're sleeping beneath the house can you keep them from coming back my teeth cant take it anymore I don't want them back

I can see them running through the yard pushing they're way back through the floor those little hands keep reaching for me run home to your children embrace them love them they'll need you some day because someday we will find another in our strangest hour

Are you leaving us
Track Name: Act 3 Off the Deep End
I'm barring my teeth waiting for the right sound to float from my fingers I'll sleep with the insides bury my head in cigarette smoke chase away the undertone

It's a ways away but I can feel it runnin. I feel cold and rusty I must be done. It's hands are soft it's face is broken there must be something we can hold onto

Were so close to the surface we can see the children painting shapes all the insects are pushing through the ground to make way for the new ones
I'm sure it's close to the calm so we know what's ahead and were ready for the dry air it's so good to see you leave this way for now

Come closer
Don't you see there's nothing left here
Don't you see there's only what we need
Track Name: Act 4 Residential Timeline
I'm crawling to the center of the ashtray a fuck-up way of saying I'm done all that I can give to you is a hello with no tolerance for sleep.

I put a pencil through the center of my hand and out came your favorite sound now comes the worst part.

What do you want me to say when the traffic lights are off, what do you want us to say when the power is turned off- what do we want?

I won't be there whenyou find out what's real and what's not I get so lost when it starts to work its way up my spine.

There's something left in the middle of the hallway, a tiny hand-print with the glow of an off-switch, now back to the first part.

We're on our way on our own were all going to hell.
Track Name: Act 6 Common Problems
Be gone now be on your way '96 was such a waste but we all saw what was comin'. It's lost now somewhere a dispraprotioned cigarette be we all got what was coming.

I'm not afraid of your poor soul your face is an imprint of foul play.

It's all gone it's wasted away the door is hanging from some building in between for us to stray. There is no place for us for you and I no where safe us to run just some played out ideas of the good times.

I'm not afraid of your poor soul your face is an imprint of foul play. I'm so afraid of the warm floor it melts the taste of the gold rings.

We're all awake for the old souls, pulling them out one by one. There's god in these torn up photos, plastered with fake names and postcards.
Track Name: Act 7 Widdiful
I was so young when i first received those letters now those pencil etchings are haunting me stand by and fear what you can not fully understand I have grown beyond What we all can't seem to grasp

Hold your loved ones close grind your teeth protect your neighbors feel the blood in your mouth
We're seeping through your windows we're breaking through through your doors we're working our way to the other side so god bless you child for all the things you've done in a way we will forget what you look like and so on be gone

It's all gone brushed away by a certain number to a special place tomorrow seems so wrong. Pulled apart you can see them breathing what waste to be young again

I fell asleep in your kitchen listening to the radio you came and woke me with a handful of ashes and I studied them hoping to find her hoping to feel the way you used to feel by now I'm pretty sure I'm still here
I'm pretty sure I'm still asleep
Track Name: Act 8 Visitor's
push my wings through
I'm on my way and there's a grain of salt between my teeth and this space will become my run down empire
Pull my teeth through my face
It's in my way I'm crawling through my window just to take them off and soon they will enter my bones pulling me straight through the ground and end it all
Track Name: Act 9 Pencil Neck
I watched our son crawl his way from the inside back to the ground
Holding a blue bird in his hands he told me of his travels to the bright side

Monday morning feels so raw the next 8 hours I'll be gone
Let me go I'm as sick as your thoughts and a part of me wants to stay but I wouldn't let it go let it go if you want to see him progress I've i so many times before your own your own kid

Stay put when you get home something tells me your on your way out again
Track Name: Act 10 Bare Hands
I've been gone for such a long time the rot in the stairs keeps me anchored off in the short end where the bones collect
Take me to the offshore pile ons where my Kids have grown up i wish you the best of luck so please leave

They tried to push me through to the end
I ended up collecting a couple of death threats
More will be revealed in 5 minutes
This weekend we move to the city

So If I begin to hesitate
fuck me up drag me out leave me to design a away Im not as high as I used to be
I can see you on the bright side where everything is moving where everything si fine nothing is dead and everything is free